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Tracy Botica

About Me and My Care

I love being  a midwife.  I choose to be a home birth midwife as I passionately believe that birth is a family occasion, not a medical event.  My practice focuses on nurturing good health, sharing knowledge and providing care that fits the needs of you and your family.

Since I started practicing as a midwife,  I have only taken bookings from women planning home births.  This has enabled me to remain grounded in the home birth perspective and true to my heart.  I do provide care for women birthing in hospital when transfer becomes necessary and occasionally when working with or for other midwives.

As well as working with my  home birthing clients, I  provide back-up services and seconding for the midwives in our collective.   I am  one of the educators for the Positive Birth Classes. I am also on the casual staff at the Queen Mary Maternity Unit so work occasional shifts with mothers and new babies in the post natal ward (about once a fortnight).


Our daughters; Mila and Ruby

Our daughters; Mila and Ruby


I live with my partner Nick Duval-Smith and we have two wonderful daughters; Mila and Ruby who attend the Dunedin Rudolf  Steiner School and Kindergarten.

Nick works part time and we have wonderful support around us from family and friends that allows me to be on call with young children.

Training and Experience

I trained at the Otago Polytechnic School of Midwifery and graduated in 2003.  I am a direct entry midwife (ie: I don’t have a nursing background).


Graduating when Mila was just a few weeks old.

Graduating when Mila was just a few weeks old.


At the same time that I graduated from my midwifery training, I also became a mother. Due to this,  I have always worked part time since my midwifery registration in 2004.  With the birth of Ruby in 2005, I took a year and a half off to be a full time Mum before easing my way  back into a bit of midwifery in 2007.

My commitment to mothering and breastfeeding my daughters has slowed my development as a midwife in terms of gaining experience.  The choice to be at home with my babies reflects the high regard I have for the mothering role.  My experience of motherhood is now part of who I am as a midwife.

My practice has slowly increased since 2007 as the girls have become more independent of me.  The opportunity to be the second midwife to other midwives in this collective has greatly added to my experience.  Every woman who has bestowed upon me the honour of being their midwife has taught me so much.

Area covered

I provide care for women throughout Dunedin and its neighboring regions.


I provide total midwifery care for a small number of home birthing women, usually around 1 or 2 due each month.

I am on call most of the time but I aim to take off at least one weekend a month.  I arrange this time to suit events in my own life that I want to be available for.

When I am off call, cover is provided by other members of the Home Birth Midwives collective.  During your pregnancy, I arrange for you to meet the back-up midwife who is most likely to be involved in your care.

How to Contact Me

To send me a message please use the form on the Contact Us page.

My home number is (03) 467 9877.

I’m happy to talk with you on the phone or arrange a time to meet face to face if you prefer.


We switched to Tracey for our midwife after a bit of soul searching on how we wanted our birth experience to really be, and boy am I glad we did. Tracey is a kind, caring and incredibly strong woman who I admire very much. Her care throughout the final months of pregnancy filled me with confidence, and helped me to reconnect with the spiritual and emotional aspect of birth which I found severely lacking with our previous midwife.

The birth itself didn’t go so smoothly as we would’ve hoped, but Tracey and Deb saw us through a birth naturally which would otherwise have seen an intervention, and for that both Jason and I (and I’m sure Amelia too) are extremely grateful. Tracey has a very calming and empowering presence which we found very helpful and reassuring.

Thankyou so so so much Tracey, and Deb, for giving us such a beautiful experience I can look back on with happiness, joy and pride. the drive to Dunedin is worth it just to have you there. We will be coming to you again for the next time, you can count on it.

Rebecca, Jason and Amelia — September 2011


What a beautiful experience Stanley’s birth almost 7 weeks ago was for our family. This was in large part due to the incredible care and support provided by Tracy, together with awesome back up from Cecil, throughout both the pregnancy and the birth. What a team we all were! I feel so empowered as a result of this experience and completely healed from the trauma surrounding Freddy’s birth elsewhere 3 years earlier, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Although we took the difficult decision in the end not to homebirth as we live an hour from Dunedin and had an increased risk of cord prolapse in the later stages of pregnancy, Stanley’s birth was as magical as it could be in a hospital environment, with no drugs or medical intervention at all and the wee birthing team were left in peace for nature to take its incredible course. And the family was all together at home getting to know each other just a few hours later, which was really special and important to us. What great, strong, learned women you are. We are blessed to know you and your gorgeous families. Thank you from ours.

Vicki, Mark, Freddy and Stanley Rogers — January 2011


Tracy has been our midwife, guide and friend through the births of both our children. Tracy embodies what it means to be a midwife, she is able to communicate complex information and give whanau the tools to make informed decisions. We have had two peaceful home births with Tracy’s gentle and loving support, she has nurtured us in our role as new parents, and again helped us in weaving our family together with the birth of our 2nd child. We are tempted to try for a 3rd just so we can have the Tracy and Deb dream team once again!

Anna Parker —  October 2010


I was lucky enough to have Tracy as my LMC midwife for all 3 of my children’s homebirths. Her gentle wisdom, practical advice and emotional support helped me hugely to get through some pretty challenging times before and after the births. During the labour and birth of all 3 children, she always seemed to know the right thing to say and do at exactly the right time, helping to create a safe and welcoming space for me to birth in at home. She made sure my partner and, later, children and extended family were included and made all 3 births magical experiences that none of us will ever forget. We will always be grateful to her and I would recommend her and her wonderful team of backup midwives to anyone!

Kjesten Nilsson — August 2010


Tracey – well what more can one say about such a beautiful wahine who enriched our birthing experience. Tracey has this calming wairua that arrives gently, guides and nurtures and then leves us feeling warm, fed, relaxed and happy. Thank you Tracey for being you and being part of the birth of our potiki. You and Deb make an incredible duo.

Kelly Tikao — November 2009


I was very impressed with Tracy’s midwifery care. She was thorough and thoughtful at all stages, and I could not have asked for a more caring midwife. I particularly appreciated her gentle manner during the labour itself – we had a lovely homebirth for our daughter, which I attribute in good part to Tracy’s caring yet unobtrusive presence. I also appreciated that Tracy presented us with information on the issues surrounding pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care from a number of perspectives, and I frequently received more than simply the “stock standard” conventional perspective, which was very important to us. Tracy devoted much time and thought to our family, for which I cannot thank her enough.

Tamara — July 2009


Tracy was our 2nd Midwife at the birth of our daughter. She also did most of our postnatal care, as Margaret Gardener (our LMC) was researching in India. I honestly wonder if I would have had the positive birth I had without the calming, wise words that Tracy spoke throughout. Those words and her incredible touch (she got all the right places – not easy in labour!) convinces me that we had the ‘Dream Team’ in her and Margaret.

As I’ve said on Margaret’s information page, my only sadness at not having anymore children is that my midwife/woman relationship is complete with Tracy.

If you have the chance to, snap Tracy up as your LMC! She is incredible.

Lara Liesbeth — July 2009


Hello wonderful mother, midwife and friend. You look stunning on you fotos!

We love you.

Alije, Daniel and Lilly Sela — July 2009