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Margaret Gardener

About Me and My Care


Home births have always had a special place in my heart. First principals for me have always been that woman should be the driver of her care. At home a woman is in her own space ��������and is surrounded by people, pets, colours, lighting and sounds she loves and feels comfortable with. She calls the shots.  When a woman feels safe  the hormones needed for birthing  work  to   their optimal level. I see my role as helping to protect that space whilst ensuring the safety of mother & baby. Maternity care is tailored to your needs & your wishes can usually be accommodated. Each woman has her own journey and I will walk that journey with her providing support, advice & guidance. I enjoy working with students but this is always your choice.

It is a privilege to work with women who inherently believes in the normality of birth.

I registered as a midwife in 1982 in the UK & have worked in small and/or isolated communities in NZ & Canada as a nurse and midwife.

I have maintained my nursing practicing certificate & currently work in family planning.

Since the birth of my son in 1990 I have been case loading as a self employed midwife in Dunedin, doing home and hospital births. In 2005 I  moved to only providing care for women planning a  home birth.

In 2013 I  completed a hypnobirthing course and offer classes to clients wishing to follow this.

In 2014 I completed an acupuncture course for midwives. and am keen to use my new found knowledge for women  to enhance their birth experience and to assist with problems in pregnancy, labour and after birth.

I teach the positive birth classes, run by the home birth association.

Area Covered

I will see woman in the greater Dunedin area. I will travel up to  an hour from Dunedin, and at a pinch 1.30 hours from Dunedin. It does depend on the number of women due that month and the availability of back up.

I do mainly home visits during pregnancy and after birth. After birth I visit daily for the first 5 – 7 days and then weekly up to six weeks.

I feel strongly that rural women should get the same level of care as their urban sisters but logistically the place & timing of visits is tailored to each woman’s needs.


I have a another part time job and will not be able to attend you on Fridays 9 – 3.30 pm  an Tuesday from  1 – 7.30 pm.

There will be some weekends during your maternity journey when I will be away. This is not on a regular basis and usually you will have plenty of notice when this is happening.

The other midwives from the collective cover my time off , sick leave etc.

My holidays are booked well in advance &  I do not book women who are due to birth over that time.

4 women  / month is my maximum.

How to Contact Me

I am happy  to meet with you to discuss your plans for a birth. This is a no obligations visit & our discussion may help clarify which path you wish to go down on your birthing journey.

I mainly do home visits & some evening visits to clients.  If I have been up with a birth I do not always check messages that day . Don’t be discouraged if I have not responded to you within a couple of days – try again!

Phone: 03 476 4663
To send me a message please use the form on the Contact Us page.



Where to start. What an amazing midwife you are. Such a huge wealth of knowledge and experience!! And every question i asked you answered with freshness and enthusiasm as if you had never answered it before!! Always a joy to see you arrive at the front door. A beautiful joyful energy always came with!!

So kind and generous with both your time, flexibility and knowledge.

I highly reccomend Margaret without any hesitation

Arohanui Margaret xx

Leigh O’Malley— December 2009


Margaret is a fantastic midwife.
She enabled me to have a beautiful water birth at home after a c-section 4 years previous. She included my 4 year old son in all prenatal visits and he learned a great deal about normal birth! Margaret’s gentle support and depth of knowledge helped me make the decisions that were right for me, my family and my unborn baby. She was also a great calming influence in those first really hard weeks!

My baby is now 6 1/2 months old and I still get out the birth photos and fondly remember his birth.

Thanks Margaret.

Fleur — September 2009


I hope this website is browsed by many, many women in Dunedin who are considering a homebirth. If that’s you – you lucky thing! You’ve found the women who will help empower you in your pregnancy and birthing journey. Margaret was my midwife 4 times – 3 early miscarriages and one success!! Woohoo! I also have a 10 year old who was a homebirth in Christchurch.

My babe is now 7 months old, and I’m sad that there will be no more, because that means no more Margaret!

Margaret is an absolute professional who will listen to all you have to say. She is incredibly knowledgeable – I am convinced that without her knowledge of positions and hip manipulations, I would have been in hospital for a Cesarean – mine was a posterior baby who was a little reluctant to move.

I cannot recommend Margaret and Tracy Botica enough. Thanks for helping us have our child by our terms!

Lara Liesbeth — July 2009


What a fab site, You have all done a wonderful job…���……….. just love it. Great links. To any readers out there who is looking for a wonderful group of midwives, you need look no more. I have been a client of Margarets 3 times, and currently requiring her wonderful services again . All births have been wonderful carm, joyful waterbirths at our own home surrounded by our family and friends. I have also had the pleasure of the collectives backup midwives at our births (All wonderful woman). Again congrats on your website!!!!!!! ps. would love a bumber sticker.

Donna O’leary — May 2009