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Deb Moser-Caley

It is with great sadness that we announce that Deb is no longer available for midwifery care. She has had to return to America for family reasons. Please contact  Cecil or Margaret.

About Me and My Care

Mica welcomes his new sister, Layla

Mica welcomes his new sister, Layla

My journey with birth began with the births of my now adult children; aged 31, 26, and 19. Each experience unique and crystal clear in my memory.

Midwifery called my name in 1984, when a dear friend announced she was pregnant, having a HomeBirth, and wanted me to “catch” her babe. Since then, I have been involved in birth to a greater, or lesser degree when Family needed me at home.

I’m an Herbalist, and enjoy using complimentary therapies when women  wish to incorporate this in their care.

I have a holistic approach to midwifery, believing that each woman and her family/whanau have unique needs and wishes which can be responded to individually and respectfully.

An understanding of nutrition, inclusion of moderate excersize and antenatal education form the foundation of care I provide. Supporting families/whanau to feel confident throughout their childbirth journey helps launch parents into their new roles.

It is an honour to share the intimate experience of Birth.


Daughter Ana and Dan celebrate the arrival of Tyler Mekwan

Training and Experience

  • I apprenticed with a group of midwives in Oregon (North America) in the 80’s.
  • I attended Eastern Oregon State College where I trained as a nurse to gain a deeper understanding of the medical side of health care.
  • Completed the Direct Entry Midwifery Programme at Otago Polytechnic in 1994.
  • Herbal Medicine/Herb Pharm 1997


Area Covered

I am a Community Midwfe and as such am available to make home visits. I also hold clinic in my home in North Dunedin.

I am happy to travel one and one-half hours from Dunedin.


I limit the numbers of clients in my caseload to 3 births per month in order to offer quality and individualized care.

I plan my vacation time far in advance, and don’t book birthing women at that time.

How to Contact Me

Home Phone: (03) 473-1660

Cell Phone: 027-482-8727

To send me a message please use the form on the Contact Us page.


Hey Deb you wonderful woman, been a while but I am still in awe of your talents as a most awesome mid-wife. Many many blessings upon your lovely self.

But I digress from my intentions to applaud and thank you as the wonderful lady who supported me through my pregnancy and labour. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to nurture me through what proved to be a testing pregnancy with the whims and fancies of my hormones and unpredictable nature. But I could always rely upon your sage advice and caring compassionate approach and a hug in times of what seemed like insurmountable woes. And when labour did finally arrive I was totally amazed at how different and ok it was in comparison to the birth of my first child in hospital. I didn’t feel the urge to fight against the people trying to artificially control the birth because it was so very natural. It was everything I wanted it to be thanks to you and your guidance and wealth of knowledge and just your simple ability to listen to what was going on for me. I still sing your praises all over Dunedin.

So to anybody out there who is a first timer or like me had a god awful time delivering in hospital having their first child pulled out and not experiencing child birth at all, then this is the woman to see you through this most incredible experience. My little darling girl is now 9 months old and she is the bonniest wee thing full of health and vitality and testimony to the wonderfully natural way she came into this life.

So here’s to you Deb and all the little babes
lots of love
Jacqui, Bodhi, and Saffron

Jacqui Keiller— July 2011


Dear Darling Deb, You were the best mid wife we ever could have wished for, You were incredibly caring and wonderfully supportive and we just couldn’t have asked for anything more, You just gave so much to us all, and we were so heart broken when our time had come to say goodbye, you will always be in our hearts and Skye will grow up knowing he had the best midwife in the world –  we will always remember our very special home birth experience and your photo holding Skye at a few days old is still on our fridge! tonnes of love Charlotte & Lucie & Skye

Charlotte Hood — October 2010


Hi Deb – thought about looking you up on fb and see you here – so happy for you doing your good work.


Anne Martin McCool — February 2010


Kei te mihi, kei te mihi ki te wahine aataahua, he wahine mohio, he wahine miharo koe. You are stunning, beautiful and very knowledgeable Deb, and all of these wonderful things ooze naturally from you out to all of us who are lucky to have you in our lives and sharing such powerful journeys.

You gave so much to our whanau and for that we are incredibly grateful. The birth of our 5th pepi (our third homebirth) was very special, but the journey leading up to Maio’s birth and post has also been special. We were able to be ourselves, have our birth, intertwine our strong cultural values and language and explore new techniques. You stayed by our side and sensitively supported myself, my partner and our tamariki. Kia ora e hoa.

Kelly Tikao — November 2009