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Celebration Eve

Tomorrow is the day for our Collective launch and Mother’s Day celebration.

It’s a big full moon and most of our midwives have women due so it will be interesting to see if we can all get to the celebration tomorrow.

The weather forecast is for snow and cold southerlies with a high  of  5 degrees – that can’t really be called a high can it?

Anyway – luckily we have an indoor space as well so we will hope that people brave the storm and come and join us.

If you are reading this after having come along – thank you for being there!

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2 comments to “Celebration Eve”

  1. Vivienne says:

    Way cool; what a great celebration it was! Yes, it was cold outside but who could have noticed? It is totally heart warming to see what can happen when souls get together in support of one another.

    What a great website this is and what fantastic women you all are. Thank you for a memorable mothers’ day, and blessings on your (ad)venture.


  2. belinda Beetham says:

    Congratulations to you wonderful women. Dunedin women are very lucky to have you.
    Yours in Home Birth Belinda xxxxx