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Cecile MacNeille (previously Cecil Tamang)

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  1. Cecil says:

    My home birthing experience was sublime. I look back on it with awe and great pride. Throughout pregnancy, birthing and postpartum care, I felt safe, supported and powerful. I feel that my positive experience was largely by virtue of my midwife, Cecil Tamang.
    My labour was long and didn’t progress in textbook stages. Cecil was willing to stay with me for the duration. Her presence was supportive but entirely non-intrusive. She let me follow my own instinct and find my own rhythm. She allowed me to take full ownership of my birthing. For this, I cannot thank her enough.
    I learned a lot about Cecil during those months. She is wise beyond her years. She is deeply respectful of the mystery and power of birth. She is compassionate, sensitive, and nurturing. She knows just what to say and just when to say it. She is dependable, discreet, and flexible. She has a great sense of humour. Cecil is confident, highly intelligent, and knowledgeable in her profession. She is dedicated and passionate about birth as a normal, natural process. She communicates clearly and has the gift of listening. She acknowledges ones hopes and fears surrounding the birth. If complications arise, she remains level-headed and takes appropriate action. She works collaboratively with the whole family and builds an atmosphere of confidence, comfort and trust. She treats the new little being with reverence. She is calm, oh so calm.
    If you are setting out on the path of pregnancy and are looking to be led by a midwife, you may want to look elsewhere; but if you want a more empowering and transformative experience, if you want to find and walk your own path, Cecil will be there when you need her, just beside you, with a clear head, a steady hand, and an open heart.
    Tace Wilson, 2011

  2. Cecil says:

    Catherine wrote: I knew that Cecil was going to be the person to help me through my pregnancy while I was in New Zealand. As a relatively young mum-to-be in today’s terms I was full of fear of the unknown when I found out I was pregnant. Cecil was able to hold space for me through this time and give me the energy and information to really claim this birth for myself. Since her first offerings of wisdom I have since continued on this path, one that is difficult because it is sometimes not supported in the wider community, but it is all the more beautiful when you have amazing strong people who are willing to nurture and stand in their beliefs. Thank you Cecil for being a rock for me and showing me the way to an amazing reclaiming of the feminine birth experience!