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All in a day… by Tracy

Sometimes life can be quite busy.  The other day was an amzing mix so I thought I’d share it.

Started early – up at 5.30 for a morning shift in the post natal ward.  Channel 9 (Dunedin local TV) ring in the middle of the shift.  Can I do an interview  about our collective?  Sure.  Didn’t get away until an hour later than I’m supposed to finish as things got a bit intense right on change over time.  Starting to feel rushed.

Then off to see a 4 week baby – rushing to get there as they are  heading away.  Asked Dad if he knows that snow is forecast tonight.  Hope their car heater is working well! Oh, can I borrow a scarf please? – I’m about to go on TV and I only just found out.

Off to channel 9.  A few minutes to look at the questions.  Feel I’ve come up with some pretty good answers.  3 minutes live on air.  My tummy feels strange and suddenly my pretty good answers are quite average but no major stuff up so PHEW!   As I’m leaving I ask – how many people watch? About 40,000 she tells me .  Glad I didn’t ask that before hand!

Back outisde.  Ooh there’s a real storm brewing.  Off to my Te Reo lesson -just settling in and then goes the phone.

Through the hail to a lovely home birth.  Margaret comes as back up and only just makes it home again as the snow settles on her hill.  Mum and baby are doing well so I take my leave.  The Dad helps me load back into my car and we are both pummeled with hail.

On the drive home, midnight chimes – that was quite a day.