Home Birth Midwives Collective Dunedin


Tena koutou,

Welcome to the website of the Home Birth Midwives Collective  of Dunedin.

If you have come to this site because you are pregnant – congratulations!

We hope you will find this site helpful for finding a home birth midwife in Dunedin.  Or if you are one of our clients, you can use this site to learn more about the other midwives who may be involved in your care.

We believe that the best place for healthy women to give birth is in their own home.

We offer midwifery care that is wellness focused and personalised.

We are independent midwives who are committed to advancing home birth midwifery in Dunedin through

  • promoting the uniqueness of home birth midwifery;
  • creating educational opportunities to share and extend our home birth midwifery skills and knowledge;
  • coordinating our schedules for midwifery backup at home births;
  • supporting each other to find work-life balance, including backup for time off; and
  • nurturing each other and our passion for midwifery through story and song.

We meet regularly and meetings are open to any midwife who shares our commitment to home birth midwifery.

For more information, please contact us.

If you would like to know more about homebirth, we highly recommend you visit the Home Birth Aotearoa website.

Please note: there are other midwives in Dunedin who provide midwifery care for home births.